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Passionate, innovative and responsible

Tederic is a young and passionate enterprise, has been committed to the development and manufacture of plastic injection molding machines, in 10 years of rapid development, has become the industry leader.

Nowadays, more and more Tederic employees start their careers and create their own life value on Tederic platform. Here, you will have the opportunity to continuously learn and improve yourself, access to the leading injection molding machine technology and the world's leading management system.

If you are excited to accept challenges? Be part of our family!

Our outlook

We invest in our employees

Want to know what your potential is? We want our employees to grow together with the company. No matter what position you are in, you are able to have continuous learning opportunities.

Beginners: Tederic "master apprenticeship one to one" teaching method is matching with our reasonable and systematic curriculum so that new employees are able to quickly and easily grasp the job from zero.

I​Go-getters: the company will regularly carry out internal courses and training, including technology, management and software, etc.,

Outstanding employees: every outstanding personnel has the opportunity to access a broader study platform. Such as overseas enterprise learning, industry technical exchange, professional training and guidance.

Our employee benefits

We take care of each other

Tederic is fully considered for employees. our employees can not only enjoy free dormitory and dining treatments but also help you to get Hangzhou local residence states. In addition, the annual Tederic summer vacation is worth looking forward to, it will be from the last Sunday of July to the first Sunday of August. For middle or high-level employee, you will have the opportunity to enjoy benefits such as a rent subsidy if you are qualified by company policy.

Tederic "House Fund" is also worth mentioning, which is a housing subsidy program specially for Tederic elite.


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