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On Nov. 15th–Nov. 18th Tederic will meet you at the Plastics & Rubber Indonesia

Indonesia has become a leading manufacturer and exporter of plastic and rubber products. The 34th International Plastics & Rubber Machinery, Processing &Materials Exhibition has become a unique exchange platform for the plastics industry in Southeast Asia.

Exhibition information

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From November 15 to 18, 2023, Tederic will bring the NEO·T500 elbow injection molding machine and the NEO·T260 elbow injection molding machine, bringing the latest research and development achievements, application products, and solutions to the plastic consumer market.

01. Intelligent injection molding solutions for auto fender

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  • Full series of high-power power configurations, broaden the application scenario, shorten the molding cycle;
  • Advanced injection double-layer wire gauge structure, smooth operation, product quality repetition accuracy ≤0.5%, meet the high standard production requirements of auto parts;
  • With a compact, rigid template structure, the size of the whole machine is shortened by more than 200mm compared with the previous generation, reducing the equipment footprint and higher space utilization.

02. Bottle caps intelligent injection molding solution

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  • Strict control of mold injection molding, temperature control pressure protection, etc., the bottle cap is beautiful and high quality;
  • 1 Out of 4, to achieve resource rationalization, improve the cost performance of investment;
  • The full set of solutions is simple to operate, cost-effective, to achieve maximum benefit.

November 15th - November 18th

Jakarta International Expo

Booth NO. A3-3203

Tederic invites you to join

The 34th International
Plastics & Rubber
Machinery, Processing &
Materials Exhibition

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