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Injection Molding Machine Manufacturer

Tederic manufactures high-quality injection molding machinery for customers around the world. We have 4 overseas subsidiaries and numerous agents in 38 countries. ​FIND OUR NEAREST SUBSIDIARYdragon tiger casino onlineLiên kết đăng nhập
Mexico Brazil Portugal South Korea Subsidiaries Germany R&D Center China Headquarters

Who we are

Where injection molding demand lies, there's Tederic concept, technology, product and service.

our products

The NEO Series Design drives change, evolution, usability and functionality. NEO series is jointly created by world's top design team and Tederic. NEO not only condenses the technological precipitation of Tederic for decades, but also perfectly combines the world-leading industrial design, high-end components and uncompromising design philosophy. View the Seriesdragon tiger casino onlineLiên kết đăng nhập


Toggle System Injection Molding Machine

NEO • H ‖

Two-Platen Injection Molding Machine

NEO • E ‖

Electric Injection Molding Machine


Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine

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